Kafai Mooti (Seedling) Fruit Plant


Propagation Method Seedling
Mature Duration 2.5 to 4 years
Plant Age 6 months
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Kafai / Kafai Mooti is one of the least common Thai fruit. It is a species of fruit tree that grows wild in parts of Southeast Asia, most often grown in India, and is cultivated for its fruit in Bangladesh, Thailand, and Peninsular Malaysia. Although the plant grows in evergreen forests on a wide range of soils, it is very rare. Kafai generously endowed by nature to the content of iron.

The fruits of the Kafai taste very similar and outwardly similar to the fruits of Longan. They can vary from yellow to red color with a diameter of 5 cm, the Peel is thin, soft, smooth. Within 2 to 4 cloves, resembling garlic. The flesh is juicy, white, sweet, and sour with a refreshing effect. Inside each slice bone, the taste is bitter. Because of this, the fruit is not very convenient to eat, because almost all the flesh remains “stuck” to the bone, and it does not work to separate it.

Among all fruits, it takes the upper hand of the maximum concentration of the named element: up to 5.5 mg of the substance per 100 g of the fruit. Burmese grapes – slowly growing evergreen tree, grown in nature up to 25 m, with an expanding crown and thin bark. Use of the fruits is in the form of fruits, stew, or make wine. Also, use for the treatment of skin diseases. Bark, roots, and wood are mainly for medical use. The fruit is oval, yellowish, pinkish to bright red or purple, 2.5-3.5 cm in diameter, naked, with 2-4 large purple-red seeds with white aryl. Although the fruits of Burmese grapes are important for the local population, they are used for food and are actively sold in the markets.

Kafai Benefits:
  • Useful for patients of surgical departments who have undergone complex operations with high blood loss.
  • Used as a preventive for general strengthening of the body
  • A very nutritious fruit, it contains a lot of protein, magnesium and potassium, carbohydrates, chromium, and a lot of ascorbic acids.
  • They are especially useful in winter and spring, when the body often lacks vitamins and, mainly, vitamin C
  • Used in the medical field
  • The healing properties of the bark and the roots of the tree themselves help to cope with skin diseases, as they serve as an antiseptic and have an anti-inflammatory effect.



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