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Are you eager to relish the sweet and crisp taste of homegrown apples? Look no further, as we offer grafted HRMN 99 Apple saplings designed to bring you delectable fruits in a remarkably short time frame in all climate conditions.

About HRMN99 (Hot Climate) Apple Variety

Mr. Hariman Sharma, an accomplished farmer has managed to cultivate a unique apple variety capable of thriving in warmer regions. Additionally, he has achieved remarkable success in growing a diverse range of fruits, including apples, pomegranates, litchi, apricot etc within the same field.

The National Innovation Foundation (NIF) conducted research on his HRMN-99 variety and has distributed saplings to all 29 states of India, resulting in the HRMN-99 variety bearing fruit in 23 of these states. Moreover, his plants have also flourished in countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, Germany, and Zambia, yielding fruit successfully.

HRMN 99 Apple Sapling Spec

  • Propagation Method : Graft
  • Fruiting Period : 2.5 Years
  • Blooming Season : June
  • HRMN 99 Wons 10+ Awards
  • Sapling Age : 6 Months (3ft Apprx)
  • Suitable for Terrace Gardening
  • Suitable for Sub-Tropical Climate
  • 7 Days Shelf Life (Test & Proven)

Is HRMN 99 saplings are grafted?

Yes, We sell grafted HRMN 99 saplings which can produce fruits in just 2.5 Years. The saplings that you will receive upon order will be 6 months of age (post grafting) and height of 3ft (apprx). Notably, both the rootstock and scion originate from the same variety, endowing these saplings with robustness and inherent disease resistance.

Suitable for terrace farming / Can be grown in containers?

HRMN 99 Apple variety is ideally suited for terrace farming, offering the convenience of cultivation in sizable containers such as large pots or 100-litre drums. If your preference is for potted growth, it is essential to ensure meticulous attention to watering and periodic fertilization required to optimize their development.

7 Days of shelf-life

A study was conducted on fruit quality by ICAR Research Complex and confirms HRMN 99 variety contains a shelf life of 7 days.

Tolerant to scab disease

It is found that HRMN 99 variety apple trees are less susceptible to scab, a common fungal disease that can affect apple fruit and foliage.

hrm 99 hot climate apple
apple plant

Fertilization & Post Planting Care

  • Fertilization Timing
    Fertilize apple trees in the spring, typically before new growth starts. You can also apply a smaller dose in late fall after leaf drop.
  • Balanced Fertilizer
    Apple trees generally benefit from a balanced, slow-release fertilizer with a ratio of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K), such as a 10-10-10 or 14-14-14 formulation. These ratios support overall tree growth and fruit development.
  • Micronutrients
    Apple trees may also benefit from micronutrient applications, such as boron, zinc, and iron, especially if your soil test indicates deficiencies.
  • Application
    Scatter the fertilizer evenly within the drip line of the tree (the area under the outer branches). Avoid direct contact with the trunk to prevent root burn. Water the area thoroughly after application to help the nutrients penetrate the soil.
  • Mulching
    Apply a layer of organic mulch around the base of the tree to conserve soil moisture and regulate soil temperature. This can also help in nutrient retention.
  • Monitoring
    Regularly monitor the tree's growth, and if you observe signs of nutrient deficiencies (e.g., yellowing leaves), you may need to adjust your fertilization regimen or apply targeted nutrient sprays.

Remember that the specific fertilizer requirements may vary based on your soil conditions and the age of the apple tree. Regular soil testing and consultation with local agricultural extension services can provide more precise guidance tailored to your orchard's needs.

Is it normal for leaves to fall during unseasonal periods?

It is common for apple trees to exhibit the behavior of leaf shedding during unseasonal periods.  This happens due to environmental changes. This adaptive mechanism helps the apple tree to manage stress and optimize its resources for survival.

Max height Hariman 99 apple plant can reach?

Hariman 99 apple trees typically attain a height of around 8-10 feet. However, their growth can be influenced by light availability, as they tend to grow towards light sources. In instances where the tree is planted in shaded areas or lacks adequate sunlight, it may exceed the expected height.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the yield of Hariman 99 apples?

The average yield from a seven-year old plant is one quintal.

What is the suitable climate for Hariman 99 apples?

The Hariman 99 apple plant, known for its low-chill requirements, demonstrates exceptional fruiting capabilities in the lower Himachal Pradesh region, situated at an elevation of 700 meters above sea level. Despite high summer temperatures reaching up to 40-45°C, this variety thrives, showcasing its resilience and adaptability in challenging climates.

Hariman 99 apples blooming season?

The variety is ready to harvest in early June after 2.5 years of transplanting.

Does Hariman 99 apples requires full Sun light?

Yes, Hariman 99 apple trees require full sun, so choose a spot where the sun shines directly on the tree for at least 8 hours each day.

Is Hariman 99 apples self pollinating?

The Hariman 99 apple variety possesses the unique characteristic of being self-pollinating, which means that it has the ability to set fruit on its own without requiring the assistance of other apple tree varieties for pollination. This self-pollinating trait is particularly advantageous for home gardeners and orchardists, as it ensures a reliable fruit yield even when there are no nearby apple trees of a different variety.

Is Hariman 99 apples a Dwarf variety / Required pruning?

Yes, absolutely you need to prune them to maximize fruit production for quality and quantity and for the health of the tree. It grows upto 8-9 ft hieght.

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